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Irena Maragkou

Irena Maragkou is a Healthcare Researcher for Clinical Trials Arena and Pharmaceutical Technology based in London, UK. Irena previously worked in consulting at Deloitte’s Strategy, M&A and Analytics Department, focusing on projects in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector. She holds an MSci degree in Neuroscience from UCL.

Quality and sustainability: The balancing act for pharma manufacturing  

Trends in sustainability and quality assurance were key themes discussed at the recent CPHI Europe 2023 meeting, although the data reveals a lack of implementation of sustainable solutions.

The future of cell and gene therapy manufacturing

As more cell and gene therapy products get approved to treat common conditions, scaling them up will be a challenge.

Are haemophilia gene therapies truly “one and done”?

The value of haemophilia gene therapies like Roctavian and Hemgenix hinge on long-term efficacy and innovative payment structures play a key role.

CPHI Europe: Taking the lessons of Covid-19 to the next frontier

Moderna’s Senior Vice President of International Manufacturing discusses the impact of Covid-19 on mRNA applications and future trends in manufacturing.

CPHI Europe: Pharma companies fail to engage patients early in drug development  

Experts discuss how pharma companies need to consider patient centricity earlier in their development plans.

CPHI Europe: Quality improvements key for the surviving the generic drugs market

Experts discuss the key trends in quality improvements and API reshoring for the generic drugs market at CpHI Europe.

CPHI Europe: CDMOs prioritise innovation and flexibility in an evolving landscape

At the ongoing CpHI Europe meeting, experts outline the key elements that will be expected in future pharma partnerships.

Why are haemophilia gene therapies so expensive?

Biomarin and CSL Behring’s haemophilia gene therapies have boosted innovation in the field, but assessing their cost effectiveness is less than straightforward.

Asian countries prioritise rare disease market access amid stark disparities

Ahead of APEC’s “Rare disease vision 2025” deadline, Asian countries are working at different speeds towards improving drug market access.

Baltic-bound: is Lithuania desirable for EU life science investment?

A qualified talent pool, unsaturated market and a helping hand from the government means Europe’s centre is becoming a life science hotspot.