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VPAS is dead, long live VPAG—could the UK’s new clawback revision save the day?    

The new scheme for 2024–28, renamed the Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines Pricing, Access and Growth (VPAG), with details here, will be implemented in January.

The VPAS fallout continues – Celltrion pulls high-profile biosimilar from UK market

Celltrion is signalling that it might cease its UK operations altogether if the hostile financial climate does not improve.

Pharma sector reels as UK Government doubles VPAS payback rate on NHS drugs

The government’s unprecedented 26.5% payback rate on NHS sales of branded medicines this year is almost double that of 2022.

Ukraine’s healthcare system – resilience under fire

Ukraine’s health minister Viktor Lyashko pushes for ‘business as usual’ as Russia invades, but ingenuity and support are needed.