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Why is the healthcare industry hesitant to join the metaverse?

The metaverse could improve access to care for all patients, regardless of their location.

COP27: Have we committed to our goals?

In general, the goal of COP27 centered around adaptive measures to save those that are in danger of the effects of climate change.

What in the world has happened since COP27?

Governments are being forced into action on ESG topics.

What does Biden’s executive order mean for worldwide AI regulation?

Regulators worldwide are designing and implementing AI legislation to keep up with technology’s pace of development.

M&A market performance suffered in Q3 2023

Deal activity was impacted by several factors including higher inflation and rising interest rates.

Are OTC oral contraceptives America’s answer to Roe versus Wade?

Currently, eight states in the US demand that health insurance plans cover OTC contraceptives.

Do diet drugs pull their weight?

Obesity can cause and exacerbate other conditions such as heart disease, which is responsible for 16% of deaths worldwide according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Are robots the answer to our health crisis?

Robots are now being used to assist in surgical procedures across the world.

Asimov’s Hippocratic Oath: Building trust in AI use in healthcare

In a JAMA study, participants rated AI-generated responses as higher quality and more empathetic than those given by human doctors.  

Microgravity: the future of R&D?  

Space offers a unique manufacturing environment because it exists in a near-vacuum state, has higher radiation levels, and very weak gravity.