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Isaac Hanson

Signal: UK online pharmacies selling prescription drugs without proper checks

A BBC team was able to buy over 1,600 prescription pills by supplying fake data, raising concerns over limited oversight.

Signal: FTC granted injunction to pause IQVIA’s acquisition of Propel Media

A US court has granted the FTC’s request to halt the acquisition due to concerns that it will promote anticompetitive practices.

Signal: Lilly searches for new obesity drugs in partnership with Fauna Bio

The deal is worth up to $494m plus royalties and allows Lilly to utilise Fauna’s Convergence artificial intelligence platform.

Signal: CAR-T study suggests cell therapy can treat autoimmune diseases

A study shared at ASH saw lupus and sclerosis patients make marked recoveries through CAR-T therapy initally targeted at blood cancers.

Signal: US lays out plan to seize govt-funded drug patents to lower cost

The plans would allow third parties to manufacture such drugs if manufacturers make them unaffordable.

Signal: Absci and AstraZeneca sign deal on AI-powered cancer antibody drug

The $247m deal will focus on the use of generative artificial intelligence to develop an antibody therapy for an unnamed cancer.

Signal: Novo Nordisk sues more Florida pharmacies in battle against fake semaglutide

Novo Nordisk is continuing legal action against compounding pharmacies selling off-brand Ozempic which it claims are adulterated.

Signal: British biopharma applies for BLA for T-cell cancer therapy

Autolus Theraputics is forging ahead with its T-cell cancer therapy, obe-cel, aimed at treating persistant adult ALL.

Signal: Moderna mRNA patent revoked by EPO after Pfizer suit

Pfizer and BioNTech countersued Moderna following an initial August 2022 suit alleging that its patents were overly broad.

Signal: Wegovy highlights UK’s complex relationship with private sector

Wegovy has made headlines recently in the UK, highlighting both its seismic impact and changes in health habits.