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Age-related macular degeneration market expected to reach $27.5bn across 7MM by 2031

The market will also face some challenges such as competition from biosimilars during the period.

Gout market growth driven by entrance of novel ULTs in 2022-2032

One of the advantages of these novel ULTs is their superior efficacy and safety profile against their competitors.

Teva’s Q3 triumph: 7% revenue surge propelled by Austedo and Ajovy

GlobalData found that the two drugs made up 60% of Teva’s sales in Q3 2023.

It’s a CRISPR-mas miracle: CRISPR approval marks early present for Vertex

The only permanent treatment option for blood conditions prior to this approval was a bone marrow transplant.

The risk of market contraction facing the IBD space

For the IBD market to continue to grow, it is critical for biologics entering the market to continue to show substantial efficacy over current biological and small-molecule therapies.

Gaucher disease market expected to reach $1.3bn across 7MM by 2032

Looking ahead, the Gaucher disease drug pipeline offers a combination of innovative products and therapies which emulate marketed treatments.

ASH 2023: Regeneron’s odronextamab is poised to get a slice of R/R DLBCL market

Odronextamab has demonstrated clinically meaningful efficacy and safety in patients with R/R FL and DLBCL.

Out-of-spec cell therapy manufacturing: an ethical dilemma for CDMOs and doctors

Studies show that lowering the overall batch failure rate can reduce the cost of cell therapy manufacturing by millions of dollars per batch.

Drug counterfeiting is rising rapidly in emerging markets

Both generic and innovator medicines can be falsified, ranging from expensive products for oncology to inexpensive products such as analgesics.

Partnership deals for psychedelic drugs take a trip with 500% surge in 2023

Psychedelic drugs such as those derived from psilocybin, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), and midomafetamine (MDMA), demonstrated promise in depression, anxiety disorder, and substance abuse.